blank spaces on my wall.

Filling empty spaces in my room with artworks, photos and doodles. The space around you becomes more interactive.
Thats essentially what we do on streets, we make walls to interact with public. It is volontery social work that isn't always apriciated by society itself.
Anyway, we learn to live with it, but then at some point we stop doing for others and start doing for ourselfs, for our own leisure. The messages become bleeker or desappear at all.
It's not bad or wrong. It is great to do what you like.

The following year I am going to explore deeper into essence of graffiti and what it is for me.
Big promise, huh?
well we'll see.

I have a couple of flicks to share. Murals that i've done in a last 2 month.
One of my favorite piece in this style. It ain't perfect but needed effect is archived.
Done with Curve Sage Phex and Italo. South Auckland. Middlemore. Thanks to Dean for inviting and supprting us.
On this wall I used paintbrush first in a very long time. All tags aro done with it, + bits and pieces in the face and background. At that point I was stoked by resuld and desided to use it more in future.

I went to Christchurch for Christmas and New Years for a couple of weeks. Unlike last year I did manage to get in contact with local writers to paint with them.
The first wall we done is at the cooles spot possible. Nice clean wall right in a heart of town. Painted with Fluro (FDKNS x SUG) who was working on it for a few weeks already. I've done my part in about 5 hours or so. Highly enjoyable painting.
I have description of wall on my flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/30965123@N06/5308411553/ so I shall not repeat myself.

Next day me Fluro and EyeQ paint in abandoned sheds. Really cool place. There are so many pieces good and bad. Good times. I did an outline for Fluro, she has quite difficult letters to work with.
Anyway, it was a pleasure to hang out and paint with them. In the time like that the only thing you can think of is "Graffiti is awesome".
It trully is.

A few days after I came back to Auckland, me and Italo were invited to paint out south again.
Cool spot. And boiling hot sun.
I aprroached the wall with a very few cans and a rough idea of what I want.
It turned out quite good. Needs more invistigation thou.
the letters inside face says ARFS, which is the name of crew I recently joined. Very proud to be part of it.

Than I had a week of sitting at home, scetching, learning screen printing trade and doing nothing.
It was well not sure how to descibe it. Was difficult. I found out that I can not sit and draw for a few days straight. I believe its becouse I never had a chance before. All sketches, stencils and painting are done at night when I was free of Uni. Well now I am free 24/7 and I am trying to cope with that.

That week ended with painting at manukau with a whole bunch of people.
The sun had no mercy again.
I found my self having the least paint ever. Sad but good becouse I am forced to try new things. maybe I am just being an optimist. This piece disturbed me out of my ballance. In my oppinion it isnt good. I failed to portray what I wanted and my skill wasn't up to my own standards. I rushed it. do not like when I have those time limits.
However there are certainly a few elements that I will use again.

That is all. Directions are set. The evolution of my characters is inevitable.

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